Ghost LP (Gestalt​,​Chanmax​,​WeeWee​,​Meantime)


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waiting for 02:31
sitting alone on this train with no destination until the end i can't understand what i am doing and i'm falling i scream but nobody answers it is 5.30 am i cast away all the bottles i can & i'm feeling down it's a hard life i'm dealing with what i've got and i'm trying not to fall apart it's my life and i'm not afraid but there are things i'll never comprehend a cold breeze enters the bar & i'm scared i'll be missing my chances i know exactly what i want, how long i will have to wait this time i will get it right i want to play & no longer hide please break open this bottle that's what i'm waiting for REFRAIN don't you know that i'm still alive don't you know that i can be strong don't you know that i will find what i'm waiting for don't you know that i'm still alive cos i know that after the dive a new day will rise
There was a time I felt invicible I feel confused thinking of my dead friends This world was ours to see Everything falls apart This world was ours to live Stories of burning hopes And I think that’s it’s a waste And I feel that it’s a shame There was a time I believed in true love The last adventure in the modern world Didn’t want to grow up No way for me to come back Didn’t want to grow up Can’t find my place anymore There’s no way out but desillusion You can scream and you can shout Tell me why should I come back to loose my way again I’m not waiting for your solutions There’s was a time I believed in revolt Turning my inside into gunpowder The game is over we have lost It’s up to you to decide What is wrong or what is right Life is short and then you die
ghost 03:56
I’m dying i’m trying to live Hypnotised, paralized my own mind Your eyes so cristalised And It’s not only in my dreams Every night I can see your ghost I’m waiting for more signs The monster is in you & me And I can feel it strongly now I’m lost in your nightmare Can you feel the disaster I know that I’m the only one Why, it’s still the same I can’t get enough to Feed your poison in my heart You’re as close to me as you’ve ever been Black hole past tense it’s my own way Like the pills in your hands I will never let you down I can not make it last This rejection is more than I can take I’m slave to sensation The slave to my passion
Welcome in 1961 Riding with this bus to new orleans We are frightened we are brave We’ll pay the price to get our rights Lets ride for freedom Lets go to jackson Anniston Alabama The fucking white mob are following us Blocked in the bus, fire bombed They wanna grill black & white nigers Birmingham Alabama Bloody fruits still grows in trees of hate Police & klan hand in hand We are beaten, skulls battered in
silence 02:40
We all know the world is burning Everything’s gonna be ok Day after day your life is stolen Everything’s gonna be ok You do try to ignore all that you hate And everything’s gonna be ok You put your vote for another bastard Different player but the same game Get up get up get up Everything’s gonna be ok Get up get up get up It’s gonna be too late when you die Soul crushed by the tv screen Occupy your mind Waste away the years of time Keep your mouth shut & play along Everything’s gonna be ok sky ‘s looking down giving a blank stare Everything’s gonna be ok I’m talking about your life, you went so far To believe the dreams they made for you I’m talking about your life it’s gonna be too late Too late when you die
big brother 02:17
Ici l’état investit pour votre avenir Plus de béton les piafs ont tous des masques à gaz Une vie épanouie entre ville et jardin Disneyland camouflage ultra violence ordre moral Ville forteresse paranoïaque Partout manipulations Les moyens désinformation Ici l’état investit pour votre avenir Vidéo surveillance pour notre sécurité Visiowave verichip et compagnie Nouvelle normalité contrôle préventif général Ville forteresse paranoïaque Partout manipulations Les moyens désinformation Jveux bien être le grain de sable Qui stransforme en pavé Pas question de baisser les bras Matériaux destructeur De l’injustice en bleue Je reviendrais et nous serons des millions
why me ? 03:02
you’re getting stupid sitting here Waiting for the light to change Today you wanna break these walls down You can’t leave the mess in your head Why me ? ive got a work man ive got to go Why should I think about the left behind Ain’t got no solution Tryin to stay on the line Dragging nothing but dragging No way it’s engraved on your brain You’re getting stupid sitting here You can’t think of another way Talking with your demons friends Watching the living deads around
gazoline 03:01
Take a look at what’s happening today A strange situation all around Take a look at what’s happening today At home tv stimulation You turn a blind eyes to the dead eye Refrain The wind of the new world order Is blowing even colder The pressure keeps rising I don’t know who’s gonna win Justice against the modern dream Do you recognise that sound It’s been the same since the world begun Ready for action we take the guns Another war is on again The wind of the new world order Is blowing even colder Fight back until your last breath Protest signs looters outside the door Can this really be the end Or could we maybe start again And it burns like gasoline Bleeding heart are turning black And it burns like a gasoline Sirens noize in my ears I turn my face up in the rain Kisses kisses away my tears Sirens noise in my ears
You’re all depressed like everyday Full of shitty negative thinking Yes you’re right Life is not paradise Artificial happiness thru artificial means You’re so tired of taking care of Everything and making sure You’re fonctionning Love & rage, revolt & friends Get the best enjoy the ride There’s so much sadness in your smile What if you don’t go to work Make it starting from today In crazy circles We all dance again The voice in the back of your mind Like a long time friend
Got no arms got no legs Holy war lost my face I live inside my head Prisoner of myself Don’t panic Is it real or a dream Help me please or kill me Ist real or a dream I can feel please touch me I’m screaming, I’m yelling, I’m yearning inside my head I’m screaming I’m yelling I’m yearning please I’m screaming I’m yelling I’m yearning They stole my life for a cause wich is not mine They stole my life but they can’t give it back They stole my life why do they keep me alive They stole my life now I wanna die
the bomb 02:54
I’ve got a bomb in my heart Consumerism promised land If I can bake a cake I can make it real I need to escape this life is never ending You’re right I’m wrong I don’t give a shit about you & me You’re wrong I’m right I don’t give a shit about me & you I’ve got a bomb in my head Pick up that stone & make it fall It’s in my mind it’s crystal clear Time to wake up this life is never ending REFRAIN The urge for destruction Is a creative urge My mind sounded for the charge All tapes have been erased My mind sounded for the charge By dynamite to anarchy
i will survive with all my dreams and rage but you really make me sick cos you suck all my energy my politic is my love and i just want to follow my own way call me stupid please, look at the path you took and i scream sometimes this is only cos i know that this world is lost and i won't save it for you & me


Gestalt 006
Pressé à 500 ex sur vinyle blanc
Pochette : Emy "arrache toi un oeil"
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released January 1, 2011


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